How to Increase your Metabolism & Energy

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What are the factor that influence metabolism?

- Age is one the very important factor. After the age opf 40 because of muscle mass decrease metabolism rate is going also down with an average of 5%.

- Gender is another factor. Men are burning more alories then wemen because they have more muscle tissue.

- Heredity is also being taken in consideration. Some people are lucky, someone says: Eating 3 times more and being still skiny.

- Weight and muscle weight is another important facor.

Many of us are looking to loose weight. For some that is becoming an obsession and even more. Instead of crash diets and crazy workouts, get ready for summer with a different approach to achieving the most healthful you. One way is to focus on building lean muscle and revving up your metabolism. When your metabolism is working hard for you, you are more likely to achieve and maintain your diet and fitness goals. We answered questions about Metabolism and ways to increase it!

Produce Positive Energy

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