Reducing stress - Herbs

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Stress how to avoid it

Stress is everywhere. A variety of situations can produce stress: job pressure, family discord, illness, and injuries. Over time, stress can exhaust natural defenses, leaving the body susceptible to a wide range of health problems.

To combat the problem, consumers are looking at many possible answers. Yoga is gaining in popularity, as are other relaxation options like meditation, massage and reflexology.
Likewise, certain nutrients can help you cope, and various herbs and other supplements can calm the mind and restore the balance.
Vitamin B complex promotes health of the nervous system and reduces fatigue.

Calcium and Magnesium relieve the muscle tension and strengthen the heart.

What else you can do to reduce stress

Exercise regularly
Eliminate or restrict your intake of caffeine and alcohol
Maintain a social life with family and friends
Consider counseling and therapy if needed.

Most of all don't let stress destroy your relationship. Admit that you are stressed and use help as needed.