Cholesterol. What it is?

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How about Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty substance, also called a lipid, that's produced by the liver.
It's also found in foods high in saturated fat, like fatty meats, egg yolks, shellfish, and whole-milk dairy products. It's a vital part of the structure and functioning of our cells. However, too much cholesterol in your blood may lead to a serious, progressive disease of the arteries, called atherosclerosis.
There are actually three main components doctors evaluate when you have a blood test to check your cholesterol.
They look at LDL (bad) cholesterol, HDL (good) cholesterol, and another substance called triglycerides.
Eating a lot of fats and not getting enough exercise can cause cholesterol levels to rise. Some people inherit genes associated with elevated levels of cholesterol.
Depending on your overall health profile - which takes into consideration factors such as cigarette smoking, hypertension, low HDL cholesterol, a family history of early heart disease, and age (over 45 for men and over 55 for women) - your doctor may recommend that you have your cholesterol followed more closely.

Herbs used for Cholesterol prevention or treatment.

It's important to manage your cholesterol and reach your goals because if you don't, your high cholesterol may contribute to the progression of atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque in your arteries.
The true key to a healthy heart is prevention. The herbal supplements can not accomplish their true potential unless they are a part of a comprehensive diet and lifestyle program that supports cardiovascular health. Always consult with your physician before trying any form of treatment for a known or suspected disease.

Reducing stress - Herbs

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Stress how to avoid it

Stress is everywhere. A variety of situations can produce stress: job pressure, family discord, illness, and injuries. Over time, stress can exhaust natural defenses, leaving the body susceptible to a wide range of health problems.

To combat the problem, consumers are looking at many possible answers. Yoga is gaining in popularity, as are other relaxation options like meditation, massage and reflexology.
Likewise, certain nutrients can help you cope, and various herbs and other supplements can calm the mind and restore the balance.
Vitamin B complex promotes health of the nervous system and reduces fatigue.

Calcium and Magnesium relieve the muscle tension and strengthen the heart.

What else you can do to reduce stress

Exercise regularly
Eliminate or restrict your intake of caffeine and alcohol
Maintain a social life with family and friends
Consider counseling and therapy if needed.

Most of all don't let stress destroy your relationship. Admit that you are stressed and use help as needed.

Herbal guide. How to plan and use

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Herbal supplements are widely used all over the globe. And this is not a surprise since we are using these supplements for centuries. Some of us think that this treatment cannot be of any use. That is very wrong to say. As a statistics Americans are spending billions of dollars each year on herbal supplements.
Analyze your life style
It is very true that your life style can affect your body and soul. We don’t have enough time to exercise, or to relax and many times we do not have enough times to sleep,some of us may smoke or drink more then they should, and we do not have a healthy diet. As a conclusion we do not take care properly of our body. And the result will come sooner or later, so I will say we have to fix some things. erbal supplements are great but we cannot expect that herbal supplements are completely magic. They are magic but as their name says they are supplements. So we have to follow some basic rules and then all these great supplements will do their job. Then you should check with your health care provider, pharmacist or herbal specialist about the supplements you are considering. Be aware that some supplements have some side effects and they may not be recommended if you are pregnant, are breast-feeding, have diabetes or are taking heart or high blood pressure medication or a blood thinner or any other medical condition that you may have.
A herbal specialist can make sure that the supplement you are considering does not interact with your condition.

Do your research

There are so many companies on the market and they are selling all kind of supplements. You may want to check the label of those products, including the guide, ingredients side effects warning etc. Also another good thing is to check reviews with others to see which one is the most effective and in which areas. Be aware also that using more than one supplement at the time may have also side effects or not even indicated. And not the last thing again you may want to check with a specialist if you are using those supplements for the first time.

Check the products you are going to use

This last section is referring the use and where to buy these products:
Be sure you buy a brand name. Large companies are doing their own research and they publish their results. Also they guarantee that the label is matching the actual product. It is always safer than other companies.
Another point is to check the expiration date. Even the herbal products have a great amount of time before expire they don’t last forever. Usually they have somewhere between 2 and 5 years before expiring. It is not recommended to use expired herbal products even if they can do their job.
Stop using a product if you have side effects that are not displayed on the label. That may be a medical condition. Consult with your health care provider.
With some herbal products the effect can take place within hours with others may take a longer time to see the actual results, so please be patient.